This is our special summer program that we’ve been organizing exclusively for high school students who are interested in learning the process of creating information. Journalism and its common practices have changed worldwide with the change in technology. We have newer gadgets, as well as sources to transmit and exchange information – and their latest version every month. Now, any type of information, whether print, audio, video, or whatsoever, can reach distant parts of the world only via clicking buttons or touching that sleek screen. But what sets our journalism summer camps for high school students apart from other camps in Pennsylvania is our mentorship and coaching throughout.

During their time at Swarthmore College, the venue for our journalism summer camps in Pennsylvania, kids are surrounded by coaches from the same industry, working as lecturers or top media personnel in reputable media agencies. There, they learn more than just gathering and documenting information. They learn how to show various opinions in the same argument and how to make stuff go viral.  And they learn this during their shift hours every day – between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. That’s because we want to invest our supreme time and energy and contribute to the success of kids who want to become pivotal points in society by ensuring freedom of opinion.

At Kids Career Camps, our campers work on individual assignments, group projects, and their personal journalism portfolio while getting individual guidance from their mentors and coaches as and when required. During these days at the camp, they learn how to empower truth, how to step out of the main office, reach the news venue, and document what’s material and important. We give them an opportunity to understand the local and international world once they get acquainted with the current affairs. And, there’s a lot more for kids who would love to explore this career and pursue their passion in journalism.

Interested in journalism summer camps for high school students? It’s organized at Swarthmore College every summer, the venue already famous for the 50 plus liberal arts majors that it offers for graduates and undergraduates. Contact us via live chat, and we’d be more than happy in assisting you with your passion and placement.