Summer Law Programs for high school students

It’s high time we start teaching law to our kids. Learning and practicing law helps children become better citizens. They get trained for keeping up to their social values, and following rules and regulations from a young age. But beyond that, law and legal practices are rewarding careers and offer ample growth opportunities for students who want to pursue their exceptional passion – not just typical doctor and engineer stuff. And that’s where our Law Camps come into action.

Our Law Camps in Pennsylvania are usually offered at either of the three venues: Swarthmore College, Saint Joseph’s University, or Cabrini University. During their days at the law summer camp, they practice the legal procedures and judicial processes in a fun way. Top industry leaders, mentors, and coaches from the same field have designed interesting resources and activities that keep the campers gainfully engaged. At the camp, our young lawyers practice how to

  • Record case facts

  • Find evidence and proofs

  • Analyze the available pieces of information, facts, figures, evidence, and proofs

  • Present their findings in an appropriate way

  • Defend or accuse their peers for the crime

  • Solve murder mysteries and blame the actual murderers

  • And a lot more in the form of role plays and case studies

But that’s all done in a way that piques their interest and teaches them the practical sense of this broad career. Our law summer camp is divided into three broad bands: public safety (for students of grades 4th – 6th), Crime Science for middle schoolers, and Jr. Law school – our special summer law program for high school students.

Plus, they get a flavor of different specializations in law: corporate, family, forensic, etc. Want more information? Just leave us a message via live chat and one of our representatives would follow-up – instantly, with a comprehensive guide about these law camps and the discounts you’re eligible for.

Firefighter Camp.jpg

Rising 4th-6th Graders

Interested in exploring a career as a Firefighter, Police Officer or Emergency Medical Technician? If so, join us as we explore a different public safety career each day and simulate scenarios to complement learning.  Learn how firefighters train for the job,  conduct arson investigations, and attack fires.  Discover interrogation techniques, suspect processing, and basic laws enforced by police officers.  Then, meet EMT personnel and role play life saving techniques.



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Crime Science 1.jpg

Rising 6th-8th Grader

As a detective in the Crime Science Camp, you are assigned a case to investigate for the week.  Learn about fingerprints, bloodstain patterns, and bones.  Then, put on your protective gear, grab your camera and process a crime scene.  Be sure to document and label your evidence because you will testify as an expert witness.  Discover the science behind criminal cases and the role DNA plays on a guilty or innocent verdict.



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Rising 9th-11th Graders

Guilty or innocent, the courtroom becomes your classroom as you take on the role of a trial or defense attorney. Learn about the American Justice System and laws which govern our society.  Throughout the week, you and your team will prepare and try a case in a real courtroom. You will research the evidence, prepare your witnesses, craft your arguments and ultimately present your case before a judge. Your performance will determine the fate of the accused. Gear up to learn about witness preparation, opening statements, evaluate evidence, and examination skills.



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Saint Joseph's University| July 20-24

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Cabrini University| June 22-26

Swarthmore College | July 20-24

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Cabrini University| July 20-24

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

 Public Safety 

 Crime Science

 Jr. Law School