It’s a reputable name and doesn’t need any introduction. The Saint Joseph’s University already offers bachelor’s programs in more than 50 majors. This is really not an overstatement that students live greater at SJU. That’s because of the experienced personnel, who themselves are known leaders in their own industries. Its spacious and green campus offers more than education to students. And so, in collaboration with this wonderful study venue, Kids Career Camps has had a demonstrated history of organizing several summer camps in different fields.

Saint Joseph’s University Summer Programs include Junior’s law camps, where students who are interested in becoming lawyers learn the judicial procedures and legal processes. In a mindless way, they pursue practical cases and solve on-campus mysteries by finding evidence and proofs to defend or accuse their peers. They use their critical thinking, analysis skills, legal methods, and practical techniques to get through the other end of different case studies.

Hematology and oncology medical camps are also held at the St. Joseph’s university campus. They are given practical training, plus an on-site experience of treating patients with different non-contagious medical disorders. They work around medical professionals, physicists, surgeons, and professionals and learn skills like CPR, first aid, and managing hypertension.

Campers usually report to the campus at 9:00 am and stay engaged in stimulating learning activities till 4:00 pm. With top lecturers, practitioners, and experienced professionals around, kids get exposure to practicalities, and they get to live their learning moments in that green, spacious environment.

Interested in other summer programs or other locations? We also offer various summer programs, like creative writing camps, journalism, and science symposiums at Swarthmore College and Cabrini University. Get in touch with us via live chat today to book a free appointment or avail an early bird discount.