Want your kids to do scientific stuff beyond making elephant’s toothpaste or checking the presence of CO2 using baking powder and vinegar? Let’s admit. We keep looking for opportunities to provide them an exposure to science in real life. We keep looking for scientific concepts that can explain numerous natural mechanisms that we witness every day. And we know there is life beyond earth and galaxies. Let your kids experience this world using the scientific lens, where they won’t learn science academically.

Our stem-trained professionals help campers apply real-life techniques and then experience science their own way. Isn’t it amazing to know how rainbows form after rain, or how simple detergents form those beautiful bubbles? At Kids Career Camps, science is beyond biology, chemistry, or physics. We do robotics – create scientific systems and not only research, but live the scientific mechanisms while knowing why we feel tired climbing up the stairs and opposite when going down! Here, we challenge our future scientists, technicians, and engineers and welcome them to the best journey they would ever make to their future.

Those days at Kids Career Camps provide more than what ordinary science camps in Pennsylvania would. Campers challenge themselves, come out of their comfort zones, grow and meet their role-models while inventing dream machines and robots they had always wanted to create. They get to work on individual points-gaining projects, group inventions, presentations, and get individual attention as and when required.

With their peers, scientists, and robotics professionals around, they become the best versions of themselves. It’s our tradition – being habitually inquisitive with a higher-order thinking. And that’s only possible being at one of our wonder campuses.

Interested? We also have various creative writing, medical, law, and journalism summer camps for teenagers to keep them engaged gainfully during this holiday season. Contact us via live chat, and we’d walk you through the whole procedure. Want to visit the campus? Schedule a free appointment with one of our front-line officers. OR, excited already? Enroll today in one of our summer programs to avail an early bird discount or a package deal.