This institution has a history of its own – the background, atmosphere, and the liberal arts academics offered there are a perfect fit for your kid’s summer affairs. It’s in the list of the first coeducational colleges in the United States. We take pride in announcing that Kids Career Camps, in collaboration with Swarthmore College, is organizing several camps on its contemporary campus like every year.

This year, we have scheduled our Swarthmore college summer programs for high school students, including News Broadcast Camp, Creative Writing camp, and Mini medicine camp on-site with the trained personnel, learned educationists, and leading professionals of these industries. Campers are supposed to reach the venue every day, latest by 9:00 am where they keep involved in fun learning activities. The best part is that, during all of their time at the campus, they stay surrounded by mentors and coaches who help kids develop leadership skills in their favorite fields.

The most popular of these Swarthmore college summer programs include Journalism and creative writing for rising grades. This Journalism program teaches students how not to ‘tell’ news, but create it in the form of a news piece that goes viral in hours. Similarly, in the creative writing camp, campers aren’t just told techniques of conventional writing as in school. They’re given a chance to create their masterpiece, comprising a novel outline, plot, dialogues, characters, and ultimately self-publish their story. Most of our alumni have been successful in writing wondrous murder mysteries, fantasies, and memoirs.

Swarthmore College is one of our popular venues, where enrollments are full by the months of April and May. We do have other campuses as well, where we offer similar as well as different programs for high school students. Other prominent venues include Cabrini University and Saint Joseph’s University, where your kids can practice ‘Junior’s Law’ and other popular programs.

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